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Why men tend to be incompetent leaders!

By Peter Neville Lewis, Apr 12 2019 11:53AM

You will either love or hate this short pungent video on why so many organisations have leadership issues with male leaders.

Those of you who are familiar with what MoralDNA values indicator tells us about the masculine/feminine alignment with values like Humility and Care will recognise these observations by a leading organisational psychologist.

The need for greater diversity in senior management positions has never been so critical.

“ Just click on the image displayed and it should play”.

Pedro The Jester

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Why The Corporate Jester?


Because there is always a need to “call it out”, point out the emperor’s clothes may not be quite so fancy as he thinks (or others are telling him) and boldly say what others dare not!


The role of court jester was well known centuries ago and they had the licence to attack pomposity or stupidity in their betters without fear of retribution. (Well nearly!) Many of Shakespeare’s plays have a fool who is the commentator on human foibles – the most famous probably being in King Lear, the architect of his own downfall through his wilfulness.  Familiar?


May not an ass know when the cart draws the horse?  (Fool – King Lear, Act 1 scene 4)