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Euro Rant!

By Peter Neville Lewis, Aug 13 2018 01:59PM

NB Spoiler Warning!

This Blog may upset sensitive Remainers as the conclusions may not be as hoped for

The dark art of state sponsored propaganda is alive and well ! (Remember Joseph Goebbels and George Osborne – who?). Project Fear V2 is being promoted with all the integrity of the late lamented PR spinners, Bell Pottinger!

Shades of Tony Blair sending in the Household Cavalry and tanks to guard Heathrow against an “imminent” Al Qaeda attack ??

Sterling collapse, food shortages, restricted flights, passport controls, City deserted etc etc

And of course THAT word – Crash! (out of the EU). As if we are all going to have the mother and father of a M-way pile up or stumble drunkenly into a lamppost.

Suppose we just talked sensibly about renegotiating our trading terms with the EU and like the US, China, Brazil, India etc do our global trade under WTO auspices - eh?

But the spectre of a fallen economy , whipped up by august bodies like the BBC and FT now stalks our streets. And let’s not forget The Guv’nor, Mad Mark and his bunch of heavies who has done his level best to talk down the real strengths of our country.

Luckily it hasn’t prevented the FTSE 100 breaking new records.

Or perhaps it is the final desperate ploy by Mrs Maybe /Maybenot and her faithful apparatchik, Ollie-I’m-in-charge-Robbins (spawned from the same dirigiste/centralising clone as Nick Timothy - he who wanted to take a charge on our homes to pay for old age care- remember)??

We also have a smart arse elite who believe that Brexit must be overturned as the proles who voted for it were too stupid to understand the finer points. They got Nigel though didn’t they!

We are told daily that Bankers will be relocating from London in droves but the latest figures from the City estimate the number to be around 5000 net. Hmmmm.....

Meanwhile ....

Apple has taken 500, 000 sq ft in Battersea Power Station

• Google is building a new Babylon at Kings X

• Facebook is creating its biggest engineering facility (270,00sq ft) outside the US – also in KX

• Amazon tops the lot with a 600,00 sq ft development.

• And the much maligned “yellow peril” are also joining the party with Alibaba and Tencent planning major expansion in London.

• These are some of the largest most successful and fastest growing companies on the planet and they all want to be UK centric!

• And despite the moanings of unenlightened City types Michael Bloomberg, who could probably buy up half of them and have change to spare, has just built a super Euro HQ (1M sq ft) between St Pauls and the Bof E. Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dublin eat your hearts out!

Who do YOU believe – Mega Mike or Mad Mark?

Our main problem is wishy washy politicians deluding themselves that Europe will cut a deal – more chance of persuading the Ayatollah to shake hands with the Pope.

On March 29, 2019 Mr J-C Druncker and Mr M Barnstormier are going to realise that they have led the other 27 down a twisting road which may have some nasty hidden potholes.

Welcome to Junckerland!

By the way Jersey and the Isle of Man enjoy special status with their unique relationship with the EU in terms of free trade. How come you ask? (Read Protocol 3 of the 1972 Accession Treaty). So...why not a similar deal for the UK?

Parce que les Francais have bitter memories going back nearly deux centuries and the Bosch would really be in the scheiss if they had to trade on proper currency terms.

Vive le status quo! Brussels uber alles!

Fact is we dominate Europe in most brain intensive organisations including academia. They can’t touch Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial , LSE etc

The Jester says bugger Barnier and his sycophantic eurocrats! Let’s just get on with what we do better than that lot and prosper from being the information, banking, education, legal , consulting medical and arts leaders in Europe.

English is also the lingua franca (work that one out?) of world commerce

And if the EU doesn’t want to go along with us then that’s more for us longer term. Yeh!

Dur fromage, harte kase, duro formaggio – aka HARD CHEESE (preferably Cheddar!)

Oh - and no more turd polishing please by the appeasers in number 10.

Pedro the Jester

NB the above was inspired by a similar Blog by Michael Morland - thanks!

Aug 20 2018 08:58PM by George Knight

Wowzer Pedro, fantastic read and spot on! Why are our Burons and politicos so wet? Trump gave Maybe/Maybenot good advice when he said sue the EU..., they probably owe us a good 50 billion or two. That would get yheir attention and show them we have not lost our ability to negotiate with chutzpah!

Sep 10 2018 06:42PM by Philippa Dixon

My thoughts exactly Peter, hopefully there are still many in the usually silent majority along with us, who think that the UK has lots to be proud of and celebrating the positives for a change. I was a wavering referendum voter and in the end voted remain but what I have seen since, especially from the EU side, would now put me firmly in the Leave camp. Not sure I'd want Boris doing the negotiations though.

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